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The scourge of racism in the United Kingdom at all levels of the State and society

In the 21st century I never thought I would say this but my investigative journalism shows that the eradication racism at all levels of the State and society is well nigh impossible; this after posting the following evidence:

The response of the racists was to send me another of its hundreds of emails to terrorise me and thwart the legal process, engineered by M!5 as previously discussed here:

Download DOCX • 18KB

The whole of the State is racist in its white supremacist stance where immigrants are not human beings deserving the dignity of employment and to conduct themselves in politics and so on commensurate with their academic qualifications.

And no one is in charge to oversea and counter the racism since twenty years ago I had approached the Commission of Racial Equality to have the matter addressed. The Commission does not seem to exist anymore. So as a last resort I petitioned Her Majesty the Queen on the racism matter in 2000 but it also got short shrift. The Employment Tribunal, the Civil Courts and Criminal Courts right up to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom and the Joint Committee of the Privy Council are also racist. It can only mean that the Queen herself is racist.

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