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The Party Political Ethos

The Constitution of The Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom

Revised: 28 September 2021


The Philosophy of the Conservative Libertarian Party is security for liberty and liberty for security. This is the essence of living. We need to be very careful indeed in making our decision on actions that we should take every moment of life by a thorough understanding of the laws of Nature, and taking opportunities to better ourselves materially and spiritually through the passage of time in a risk-averse attitude that conserves and builds the material and spiritual 'house' that we live in. This is the meaning of Environmental Sustainability. One step at a time and see which way the wind blows before jumping on to the next step to try and enhance one's prospects for self-preservation and the appropriate development of the family and the wider society that we are governed by to regulate and control our human activities. Being libertarian per se is not the objective of the personal or communal struggle. One cannot isolate oneself from wider humanity, for we cannot each individually do all of the things that we need to feed, clothe, house, study and develop our knowledge which is the fundamental basis of actions individually and collectively. We need like-minded people according to the saying birds of a feather flock together to create a Party of political activists who would argue their case and take part in democracy to influence changes to the society in a peaceful and totally non-violent manner. by persuasion of ones principles and belief-led mission to better ourselves in our mental development and better our chances of survival in a tough Nature that restricts our abilities to act selfishly and in greed for gathering in the natural resources for our own consumption from the Planet that we inhabit. This is the ethos of Conservative Libertarianism, and it is a secular conception, notwithstanding that on the balance of probability God is the Creator of the universe and Nature has a built-in Gaia mechanism of checks and balances that carves the path to the emergence of new races and species of life forms on Earth. It is therefore imperative that we focus only on taking the right decisions ourselves without resort to a higher authority, be that human of spiritual in being a Conservative Libertarian.

The Constitution:


24 APRIL 2021, 14.30 hours (UK-Time).


24 APRIL 2021

The ethos and principles of the Conservative Libertarian Society ( fosters the Constitution of its political offshoot, The Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom We are not currently an accredited political party and gave no members or officials ( but remain confident that this could change in the future.

The United Kingdom will have a written Constitution on the structures of democratic and law enforcement  institutions and a declaration on human rights.

The Mental Health Institution will be incorporated within the Law Enforcement Process and subject to explicit and reformed basis upon which the Mental Health Act is operated without recourse to the Law that is presently constituted and operates on the basis of. Every decision of Consultant Psychiatrists and Mental Health professionals will be subjected to the Mental Health Tribunal before Sectioning of an individual takes place in the committal of the person to a mental hospital.

The Conservative Libertarian Party fosters a State composed of Monarchial Presidency that functions as in the traditional democratic Institutions of the United Kingdom with the House of Commons that is elected by an electorate of 18 plus citizens to the 100 years of age, this upper age limit being set by the determination that the productive capacity of individuals to contribute to society should be limited to a time when their judgments become haphazard from senile day, dementia and alzheimer’s disorders of the physical and mental attributes of people. This would applies also to the Monarchial President as the Head of State who should relinquish the the role of monarch at 100 years of age. We have revised the inital Constituion of the Party that monarchs should have fixed reign of 10 years at a single stint following which his or her continuation in Office of the Monarchial Presidency must be put to the electorate in a referendum that people judge on the basis of whether the State has functioned to a certain acceptable standards economically and in terms of the social justice and environmental protection elements of Nature. Within this ethos, Parliamentary decisions on enactment of laws are to be subjected to Monarchial-scrutiny continuously guided by the Royal Household to which the Privy Council will be renamed as Royal Board as an institutional chambers to direct the judicial and democratic processes of the State thereby giving a veto power in the administration by the Monarchial President.

The present Privy Council with intersections with different elements of the State will therefore be abolished and replaced with Royal Board as an independent body attached solely to Monarchial President as an advisory institution.

Legislation in the House of Commons will be also subjected to explicit Royal scrutiny through the Royal Board as will the Monarchial speeches to the House of Commons setting out the Bills for the next Parliament through the Speaker of the House and in the Assent to Bills from the Executive as the Prime Minister implementing the policies of the Party that he or she represents following elections to the House of Commons.

The Party will reform of the House of Commons and the House of Lords as elected bodies in office. The Executive will be appointed as Prime Minister by the elected political parties with the Executive having no Royal prerogative powers under which to take decisions from Buckingham Palace, with The Commons will therefore be the administration of government subject to the oversight of the Royal Board headed by the Monarchial President.

The House of Commons will have flexible 5 year terms and will continue to write the Queens Speech from the Executive for Assent from the Monarchial Head who will solely appoint the members of the Royal Board. The Commons will therefore take directives of the Monarchial President. The House Lords who would be elected every 10 years.

There will be devolution of administration to local elected Councils and regional States under Federation as Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England Overseas Dependencies and Territories such as the Falkland Islands.


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Registration with the Electoral Commission: the callenges

We are all told, “live your life to the fullest”; I am here to do just that. The Conservative Libertarian Party aims to revive Society serving as a vessel to project the Party's Constitution that reflecting the realisatiions of Founder of the Movement, Dr Shantanu Panigahi'spassions, and generates clues to his loyal readers as to what inspired him me in this crazy world.

So, sit back, relax, and read on.

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Financial Ombudman Service

Registration of declaring the Financial Accounts for Completion of the Registration of The Conservative Libertarian Party


Shantanu Panigrahi <>,,,,,

Sun, 6 Dec at 00:28


The Electoral Commission

Dear Sir

Please note the delay in completing the Registration of the The Conservative Libertarian Party (TCLP-UK) due to financial fraud in Santander Bank’s embezzlment of the liquid-asset property of the Party.

The matter has been under Appeal to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom since the Party's 5 September 2020-dated Appeal against the Judgment of the Central London County Court and the Court of Appeal on their Rulings on the disposal of Claim E35YM660 in regard to permission to Appeal the Circuit Judge's Decision dated 12 May 2020 not granted to the then Appellant now joined and represented by the TCLP-UK.

Please note the attached: ToSupremeCourt5Sep2020.docx; ToBankingOmbudman1Dec2020.docx; Central London County Court Judgment or Order 12 May2020.dox; CLAIMANT'S SUBMISSION 5Dec2020.docx, Financial Separation of Assets in Perfect and FrSantanderBank5Dec2020.docx in relation to the problems that I have had through the emailing systems to communicate with interested parties.

I await the Ombudsman's directions for the progress of this complaint on behalf of TCLP-UK as its General Secretary.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

General Secretary, TCLP-UK

First Floor, Room D

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 0796778961

cc Banking Ombudsman

Tel: 0800 023 4567








Central London County Court Judgement or Order 12 May 2020.docx




    Financial Separation of Assets in Perfect Marriages.docx


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