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Welcome to The Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom.

Currrently, I Dr Shantanu Panigrahi is the Acting General Secretary.

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We have approached the Election Commission to incorporate the following Amendment to the Constitution of the United Kingdom:


The Electoral Commission

United Kingdom

Contact Point Message Submitted


I am currently a solitary figure as a Founder member of The Conservative Libertarian Society with its political offshoot, The Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom.

I wish to know if there is a procedure that I need to follow to obtain accreditation of the Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom to enable and facilitate it to engage in campaigning for membership of the Party and simultaneously registering it with the Electoral Commission and any other State institutional structures before I can take part in standing councillors and officials such as Members of Parliament for elections for Mayor of Cities, The Police and Crime Commissioner, as a Member of Parliament in Westminster, and for making representations of Private Members Bill directly to the Speaker of the House of Commons given that I do not have a local Councillor or National Member of Parliament to channel my political movement.

You can read more about the ethos of the Conservative Libertarian Party in the website https://www.theconservativelibertariansociety.com/, which explains that we are monarchists and aim for one-party system of government in the United Kingdom answerable only to Her Majesty the Queen as our Head of State who should be elected by the electorate every 10 years. Within this ethos, Parliamentary decisions on enactment of laws are to be subjected to Monarchial-scrutiny guided by the knowledge and expertise of the Conservative Libertarian Party and not simply rubberstamped under the current system of the Queen's Assent to Bills by way of the Executive as the Prime Minister implementing the policies of the Party that he or she represents. We therefore believe in the reform of the House of Commons and the House of Lords as elected advisory bodies to Buckingham Palace, with the Commons taking the directives of the Monarchy so long as Her Majesty the Queen currently and the Royal Household agree to the Amendment being proposed to the Unwritten Constitution of the United Kingdom under its Manifesto.

Further we believe in total devolution of administration to local Councils and do not engage in political-rancour between the three main political parties of the State, as The Conservative and Unionist Party, The Labour Party and the Liberal Democrat Party in Westminster as we consider it to be dysfunctional and non-cohesive chaotic State in the conception of nationalism.

Accordingly, The House of Commons and the House of Lords who would be elected every 10 years rather than the present 5 in Fixed Term Parliaments would act as an Advisory Chambers to the elected monarchial President operating from Buckingham Palace and its Regional Palaces in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and Overseas Dependencies and Territories such as the Falkland Islands.

I should be grateful if you would let me know the procedure to follow for the Amendment of the Constitution of the United Kingdom as laid out above: if I need to contact Buckingham Palace directly to register this petition to the Privy Council of the Supreme Court, I would like to do so this evening.

Please excuse me for my indulgence in writing to you at this point in the history of the United Kingdom.


Your message has been sent. 19.51 hours (UK-Time) 1 December 2020

Document Updated: 6.01 am hours (UK-Time) 2 December 2020

Shantanu Panigrahi



Parliament, Supreme Court and Monarchy itself cannot reform themselves under a constitutional Police-State dictatorship discharging State-duties to the population. Democracy can only be preserved and enhanced in the United Kingdom by the Electoral Commission as the Supreme Body.

7.11 am hours (UK-Time) 2 December 2020 Tweet



Election Commission

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Shantanu Panigrahi

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7.08 am (UK-Time) 20 March 2021

Dear Sir/Madam

I have had email and online communication through this channel with the Election Commission on the application for registering 'The Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom' with its Constitution and had initially said that we were not sure that we had sufficient finances to submit to the Election Commission in the past 3 months since the Party was tentatively formed. But now we are in a position to do just that. We have £7000 at our TCLP-UK Santantander Bank Account to start our political business with immediately, so please let me know, the layman that I am, what the next step is for me to complete the formalities that would enable me to submit to which authority an application to stand as a candidate for the Party in the forthcoming 'Police and Crime Commissioner’ election in the SouthEast of England.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619


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First published: 16 July 2019 Last updated: 13 December 2019

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Dear Election Commission

My name is Dr Shantanu Panigrahi living since 1991 March at 3 Hoath Lane, Wigmore, Gillingham, Kent ME8 0SL, United Kingdom.

Since end of November 2020, I formed The Conservative Libertarian Society, and its offshoot, The Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom, and am currently the only member.

I dearly and notwithstanding wish to stand as a Candidate to represent the ethos, principles and values of our Society and the emanating Party for active part in local and national elections, starting with the 6 May 2021 Police and Crime Commissioner Elections.

I have consulted the Crown Prosecution Service to clear me of any kind of crimes, forensic or otherwise as misdemeanours in the State of the United Kingdom to pave the way for standing for this respectable position where I can contribute my knowledge of the Constitution of the United Kingdom and of the Law Enforcement processes and institutions going back 25 years. I am 64 years of age now and the Crown Prosecution Reference Number is CPS Communication CRN00014177.

With this background, and the limitations of the funds that I have at my disposal to start my political career immediately for time is of the essence for me, I am not sure whether I would be permitted by the Election Commission to complete the appropriate Forms for the forthcoming elections referred to above. Specifically, can I say to the voters in the Medway Towns/South East, that I represent the Party that I personally created (https://theconservativelibertarianpartyoftheunitedkingdom.com) now, or would I only be allowed to stand as an independent candidate in considerations of the several emails that I have sent the Election Commission in this regard since December 2020 to date.

This is my question, please Sir/Madam.

Your message has been sent.

9.06 am, 5 May 2021 (UK-Time)

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9.08 am (UK-Time) 5 May 2021


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5 Mar at 09:06

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Thank you for your email to the Electoral Commission. We aim to respond to your enquiry within three working days. If we cannot answer your query within that time frame we will let you know and respond as soon as possible.

Information on registering to vote and voting at elections is available on the voter section<https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/i-am-a/voter> of our website.



3 Hoath Lane


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