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The Principle of Conservative Libertarianism lives on

Just because The Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom has abandoned any hopes of making inroads into British politics as reported here:

it does not mean that the idealism has been abandoned by the Founder of the Movement, Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

For it is the principle that matters; Conservative Libertarianism is based on the religion of Vishista Advaita Vedanta ( a modern update on an ancient Hindu tradition that takes as its basis the beliefs and practices of the Bishnoi community of old, namely to be at one with Nature, to conserve Nature, to preserve Nature and not do anything unnecessary in terms of even touching any part of Nature without justification; that is to say to pay the utmost respect to Nature. For Nature is God-created and it requires of us to immerse ourselves in it and make progress as we live our lives.

The Conservative Libertarian Society takes as it second component the idea of liberty so that it is incumbent upon members to be individualistic while coming together in camaraderie to make a better world than the one that we inherited. It requires us to be knowledgeable on all aspects of Nature from geology, atmosphere, the solar system, the oceans, the biodiversity and within that use our honesty and truthfulness in transparency to let people know what we are about, where we stand on important issues confronting mankind, fearless of the repercussions in an otherwise controlled State domination of the individual and of Nature.

So on this day, the 27 of July 2023, I wish to call upon people around the world to visit our website and contribute to the discussions by sharing their concerns on all aspects of how we live our lives, the obstructions and hurdles we face in terms of the challenges they represent on the firm belief that Nature is to be defined as Brahma-Nature, an eco-system to be at one with with God Sri Krishna-Durga at the helm guiding the committed from the truth that dawns into the mind when one has lost all ones attachments and is operating as Hindus say on the Self mode of existence.

Whilst I am alive I will persevere with the Movement that I created even if there are no takers as time has proven perhaps because I have not made it clear what the Conservative Libertaian Society stands for.

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