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The limitless powers of the Police Force in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

From the lack of a reply from the Professional Standards Department of Kent Police, the Independent Office for Police Conduct, the Metropolitan Police, the Administrative Court of the Queen's Bench (High Court) and Medway County Court, one might find it easy to assume that the Police in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have limitless powers, short of capital punishment to harass and persecute those who are intent on going their own way of conscientious objection to the status quo and live in seclusion peacefully:

It is therefore for a dharmayogi to determine the precise extent of the powers that the Police have in terms of search warrants, arresting without arrest warrants that a suspect can appeal against and arresting without access to Solicitors supervision for the suspect, confiscation of property for indefinite periods, engaging in dubious procedural practices to avoid being policed themselves by making themselves amenable to the Judicial processes of the country, and finally to have proof that the Courts themselves are complicit in protecting the integrity of such a Police Force by keeping silent to applications for injunctions that attempts to stop the Police unnecessarily and with malice targeting individuals with their terroristic practices in relation to which I consider myself to being the victim of a Hate Crime against me by the Chief Constable of Kent Police.

The Court of Public Opinion does not serve any useful purpose: when I first came to the United Kingdom as a 15 year old I recall a film in the cinema hall that stated in the title 'All the coppers are bastards' and it is no wonder that this kind of realisation led to the wonderful series of Porridge with Ronnie Barker as the main actor resisting the persecution with 'do not let the bastards grind you down'.

As I said to the Administrative Court, I have learnt from bitter experience never to Appeal a decision of Court in the United Kingdom for it leads to jumping from the frying pan pan of civil-victimisation into the frying pan of a mental hospital or worse the prison cell that I have avoided since 2008. So the proceedings have run its course today, if I do not make a final attempt to prove all of this. For one needs proof in concrete Court paperwork to establish the facts that I am complaining about.

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