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Resolutions are meant to be broken

The Visihsta-advaita Vedantist never adheres to any promises, vows, resolutions or fixed ideas on what he should do with his time on Earth, so my Resolutions have not got off the ground even before the New Year has started: I made some promises to come down to Earth to look after my physical well-being to try and live up to a grand old age and wallow in my achievements by stopping myself from controversial engagements, this moring the mind is restless and I have decided to shelve the idea.

The impermanece of reality is the reason that one needs to be fully flexible in one's approach to life and having constructed the details of what I represent as a human being I need to live in accordance with my beliefs simply in order to determine the truth of those beliefs. So having deleted all my previous Blog posts, this morining I have taken up the fight to try and do what I can to promote Conservative Libertarianism in the World and especially in the United Kingdom though my political party:

Sitting on one;s laurels is a delusional attitude for it assumes that one has attained greatness in thoughts and actions when there is no proof that one has attained any such thing. It has to be tested and tested within this life time, so that I know before I die whether I had been on the right path to the truth, if there is any such thing in the first place.

Conservative Libertarianism is an ideal way to live, for in its ultimate expression, one is testing whether there is any role for vaccination against the Coronavirus infectious diseases. I have had three jabs already, the third being a booster, but will not be taking any further part in the monitoring of the virus or in further vaccinations, or medications that I thoroughly disapprove of. The mental health medications are forced upon me so I have no choice but to comply as mandatory State-imposed and enforced restriction on my liberty to do as I please. It is only when I prove that I am and always have been sane that the State will relent and this remains to be seen as Kent Police assess the complaint that we as a husband and wife have lodged against the ill-treatment of the events this autumn in my arrest and subsequenjt develpments since.

So I have laready broken my vows to keep my Freethought and Rationalism going and build further towards the future, the Knowledge that I set out a mission for a decade ago, and which has brought me this far in my quest for the truth.

I have also decided that none of my books will be available to the public free of charge through downloading facilities in my website or in other websites. If anyone is instersted in knowing what I have experienced and put pen to paper on they will have to purchase those books here: or here: Shop | The Allurement of Reality in Review .

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