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Investigation and Politics are intertwined

So long as one has an opinion on how the society should function, one cannot get away from politics. So long as one has a vote in elections and has to make a decision, one cannot get away from politics.

So TCLS is naturally not going to be able to sustain the position of being impartial reporters of world events and issues as I had contemplated:

I needed to work out who to vote for and which Party to support, so finally cut my membership of the Conservative and Unionist Party, with the following tweet to the Leader of that Party:

Shantanu Panigrahi @ShantanuPanigr8 18h TCLS advocates on the Rights of potential and convicted offenders in Court: Right of potential offenders not to attend the Courtroom when the State prosecutes them | The... In the United Kingdom, following the conviction of Lucy Letby for murdering 7 babies and attempting to murder a further half a dozen babies under her care in Countess of Chester hospital, she has... 15 Shantanu Panigrahi @ShantanuPanigr8 1h @RishiSunak Your plan to force potential convicts and those convicted to attend court through a new law in the Kings Speech is the main reason that I will never again vote for the Conservatives and have now resigned from the Party reviving TCLP-UK in the process.

So the The Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom, the country that I live in is now back up and running: and I will resume discussions specific to the United Kingdom here:

I encourage all who subscribe to the philosophy and activities of the The Conservative Libertarian Society do do the same.

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