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Appeal on Claim E35YM660: Order of the Court dated 21 June 2021

Appeal on Claim E35YM660: Order of the Court dated 21 June 2021


from: Shantanu Panigrahi <>


date: 2 Jan 2022, 10:34

subject: Appeal on Claim E35YM660: Order of the Court dated 21 June 2021



The Circuit Judge

Central London County Court

Dear Sir

1. Kindly note that the Administrative Court of the Queen's Bench Division has decided that it does not have the jurisdiction to conduct a Judicial Review based on the documentation of pertinent relevance that is solely what I wished to rely upon for my skeleton argument to that Court.

2. Please refund me my £100 Court Fee that I paid for this Appeal if a judgement will not be issued by the Central London County Court given that 6 months has gone by since the appeal against the Costs Order in favour of the Defendant of £4170 was lodged by me at the Court. The attached emails are further evidence that need to be taken into consideration for the full written reasons for lack of judgement on the Appeal to be issued to me: ToCircuitJudge(CentLondCtyCourt(E35YM660); CentralLondonCountyCourtOrder21June2021(DistrictJudgeLightman).pdf refers.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619


RE: Update on Police Harassment through unlawful processes of interview and arrest


from: Administrative Court Office, General Office <>

to: Shantanu Panigrahi <>

date: 30 Dec 2021, 14:12

subject: RE: Update on Police Harassment through unlawful processes of interview and arrest


Signed by:

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Good afternoon,

Thank you for your email.

If you wish to lodge an application for Judicial Review at this Court, as previously advised, please do so by following the attached guidance (please follow the instructions for a litigant in person). Please also refer to the following link on the Government UK website: The Administrative Court Judicial Review Guide 2021 (

The documentation that you have enclosed in your email below cannot be used to issue an application for Judicial Review.

Kind regards,

Lucia Meloni | Administrative Court Office | Issues and Enquiries C324

Queen's Bench Division | HMCTS | Royal Courts of Justice| Strand, London | WC2A 2LL

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From: Shantanu Panigrahi []

Sent: 30 December 2021 13:01

To: Administrative Court Office, General Office <>

Subject: Re: Update on Police Harassment through unlawful processes of interview and arrest

Dear Sir/Madam

I tried to telephone you on the Phone Number (Option 6) that you gave because of uncertainty on whether there is a missing word in your final sentence (if used instead of until) so I decided that since you have accepted that this matter is appropriate for the judicial review, I should send you the up-to-date arguments and evidence for where Kent Police have erred in law.

I was first interviewed on invitation on 16 September 2021 at the Medway Police Station in the presence of a Duty Solicitor who advised me of my options, and I followed her advice not to answer anything more since I had submitted the attached DEFENCE STATEMENT ON HARASSMENT OFFENCE in a handwritten form the day before. I invited Kent Police to charge me there and then so that I could submit my evidence to the Magistrates at North Kent Magistrates Court or Medway Magistrates Court with the Duty Solicitor representing me to the Magistrate. I wanted the matter to be sorted out there and then. Instead, Kent Police delayed taking a decision on whether I would be charged, until the 24 of November when I was marched off under arrest at my place of work and taken to North Kent Police Station for the rest of the day. The day's events are narrated in the attached: Events of 24 November 2021.docx.

Since then both my wife and I have repeatedly asked for updates on what the Police is planning to do to me as no arrest warrants were issued and nor were any search warrants issued for the confiscation of our Computer, my USB Memory Stick and my Mobile Phone taken from our house before my arrest on the 24 of November 2021 at 0.8.30 am, my arrest having taken place at 10.30 am.Formal complaints were submitted: Enquiry lodged in Kent Police Website 16Dec2021.docx.

The latest evidence of inability to dispose of the matter is evident in the attached correspondence: ToKentPolice(IncapcitatedMedCertMawanche)29Dec2021.docx.

Furthermore, I was stopped from interrogating the perpetrator of the victimisation and harassment on me Katrina Sale of the Conservatives and Unionist Party when I tried to investigate the role of the Prime Minister Mr Boris Johnson in reference to Claim E35YM660 of the Central London County Court: ToKatrinaSale (Conservatives)2Dec2021.docx; which was totally unlawful as it prevented me from engaging in the due process of legal proceedings for the judicial review of this matter.

Finally, the document attached was not signed by anyone in North Kent Police Station at the end of 5 hours of incarceration on 24 November 2021 in a police cell and no clarification has been provided on whether Kent Police has completed its investigations on the 27 criminal anonymous emails nor on when we can expect the return of our property from Kent Police: NorthKentPoliceReleasewithoutBail.pdf.

I hope these documents are all that you need to undertake the judicial review and please let me know now (today) whether I should send you the additional £54 Court Fee in the Post or telephone me for Card Payment on 07967789619.

Yours sincerely