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Aims of The Conservative Libertarian Society as it stands on 27 February 2023

The Conservative Libertarian Society (TCLS) aims to change societies globally towards a better way for the existence of mankind.

TCLS was formed as the political movement based on the Founder's Realisation of Vishista-advaita Vedanta from personal studies rather than based on scriptures. In this Religion, the synopsis of which may be read here: SYNOPSIS OF VISHISTA-ADVAITA | Satya Advaita Vedanta ( life has to be lived in both the material and spiritual dimensions of Reality. Hence the need for a political movement emanating from the conception.

In the material dimension that constitutes our worldly affairs one needs to be in harmony with Nature, appreciating all that there is such as biodiversity, the climate, the geology and the rest of the environment in a holistic way. This is done because the society believes in the existence of a Creator and Personal God not to be surrendered to or worshipped or prayed to for better days for one's well being but to live independantaly of God and leave Him/Her in the dormancy of one's psyche. That we believe in peace goes without saying, and as such we are totally against all forms of conflict and wars in persopnal and international affairs. We believe in evolutionary progress not on existing territorial integrity of individual States. We do not believe in counterattacking through sanctions or military means to restore exiisting geographical boundaries in other words. This is because we subscribe to the notion that Nature will take its due course in the most harmonious manner possible in our religious thoughts. So if a country invades another such as during the Iraq war and the current Russian war to regain territories in Ukraine, that is seen as Nature resolving internal issues for the betterment of the environment as a whole, just like natural disasters do for the planet Earth. In human affairs, TCLS is perfectly neutral and non-aligned.

The formula therefore is one of truth-accommodation, being at one with truth, the Reality of our existence.

The Founder has survived in the United Kingdom for 25 years of tolerating intensive State-organised terrorism, persecution, victimisation and defrauding of his financial rights. But that is all right. The State had a right to deal with the Founder the way it saw fit. He has survived it all. That is the most important thing. It shows that he truth-accommodated, and continues to do so. That should be the same with everyone. The individual must not fight the State that he is resident in but seek to improve it in the most peaceful manner possible through persuasion in words for which freedom of expression is sacrosanct. This is done through the author's websites:

and a 102 sections of his of autobiography titled 'The Allurement of Reality: An exploration of Reality by Dr Shantanu Panigrahi in 102 Sections ( .

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

Founder and General Secretary of TCLS

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