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Announcement on the future unfolding for the Conservative Libertarian Society

This day, the 16 September 2022, an indirect message came to the Founder that the dispute that the author had been embroiled in at a personal level with the States of the United Kingdom and the United States of America has come to an end and the matter is now closed:

Ticket #53202113




Customer Service (Matic Media) <>


Fri, 16 Sept at 02:07

Dear Mr. Shantanu Hoath,

Ticket# 53202113 | yr email of 9/11 Thursday

I apologise for any inconvenience caused by a mixup. Please, ignore all previous communications from us in this matter.

As it happens, at the end of last week I took the phone call making the enquiry, and I naturally assumed I was speaking to you (Mr. Hoath, my notepad shows I clarified the spelling) and not someone calling on your behalf. I recall the gentleman had a Greek accent. Our system recorded the call and the calling telephone number, but due to Data Protection law I cannot give them to you,

even though it must have been one of yours.

The matter is now closed.

Have a nice day!

Sincerely yours,

Dick McCombe



Matic Media Services Ltd & Graphic Warehouse

t: 0844 209 2274

f: 0844 209 2275


Matic Media Services Ltd | 9 Hagmill Road, East Shawhead

Industrial Estate, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, Scotland, ML5 4XD | w:

The contents of this e-mail are intended for the named addressee only. It contains information which may be confidential and which may also be privileged. Unless you are the named addressee (or authorised to receive for the addressee) you may not copy or use it, or disclose it to anyone else. If you received it in error please notify us immediately and then destroy it. The contents of this message may contain personal views which are not the views of Matic Media / Graphic Warehouse, unless specifically stated. Matic Media is the registered trading name of Matic Media Services Ltd.

2. The Society offers its deepest and heartfelt condolences to the Royal Household and through this to the entire nation of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth on the death of Her Majesty the Queen and we look forward to a constructive relationship with the State and King Charles III for the new era that is beginning.

3. Her Majesty the Queen during her reign showed that responsibilities are crucial to the functioning of all aspects of society from the family, to the community and the nation, and finally to the world. Like Charity begins at home but does not end there, responsibilities also begin at home and do not end there.

4. I terminate this announcement with a final draft of a book chapter that I am writing on Responsiblities (Kartavya) for the attention of all whom it may concern.

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